Rehabilitation & Renovation Stadium of Maysan


Development and rehabilitation of the Olympic StadiumMaysan, according to the conditions and technical specifications provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports


Is one of the mega-projects contracted by Al-Mustakble Al-Sa’eed Group in the history of 3 \ 2 \ 2011 with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, at a total cost(26,470,000,000) DI, and the duration of completion oftwenty-four months.

The Project Rehabilitation Executed According To Fifa Standards For Olympic Stadiums And Approved Drawings Prepared By Two Specialist Foreign Consulting Bureau. The project includes the activities below:

  1. Overall Rehabilitation Which Include Removal Of Most Internal Partition And Spaces (Offices , Wc Groups …Etc) And Reconstruct New One.
  2. Design, Supply And Install Stadium Shaded Structure From Galv. Steel Structure Which Include All Needed 1METER Diameter Bore Piles And Pile Cup.
  3. Remove The Main Playground And Supply Materials To Reconstruct New Olympic One With All Needed Sprinkler Irrigation And Drainage Systems ( Piping And Pumping Station).
  4. Constract New Foot Ball Playground Of Dimension 105 * 68meter With Artificial Grass With All Needed Accessories And Networks.
  5. Constract Four New Basket Ball Playgrounds Of Dimension With Artificial Ground (Tartan )With All Needed Accessories And Networks.
  6. Construct New External And Internal Sewage System With Storm Water Gully And Pumping Station , Also Drinking Water System With Storage Tank And Pumping Station.
  7. Supply Material To Construct New Electrical System Which Include Cables And Generators.
  8. Construct New Paving Roads And Car Stopping Area With All Needed Curbstone And Walk Way.
  9. Construct New Buildings Which Include Hotel , Swimming Pool , Administration And Reinforced Concrete Fence.
  10. Construct Large Electronic Screen With All Needed Base And Steel Structure.
  11. Design Of Vip Platform And Supply Materials For Stadium Sets And Vip Sets.