University of Ibn Hayyan civil


  After recognition by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Medical University of Ibn Hayyan (Karbala / Najaf road), according to Administrative Order No. C e / 1459 dated 22.03.2011, the group of companies happy future for General Contracting With its expertise inconstruction work development and infrastructure project creation andimplementation of the medical University of Ibn Hayyan.

  In spite of the obstacles and difficulties posed by the group of companieshappy future that determination and engineering expertise of the supervision of the Board of Directors of the Company have undertaken the development of this scientific edifice and development .. as the group implementing a rangeof major projects including the projects of establishing water purification, construction of hospitals, sewage, Created and installation of treatment plants and extending the oil pipeline carrier.


  University of Ibn Hayyan Submitted its bid provide its staff with teachingdistinctive to this generous country for the establishment of a generation of young people unable to get up and development of this dear homeland.


Created campus and all departments as well as private parking associate(teaching staff, and students), Clinic, Kvtrella, restaurant, and big hall for conferences and scientific events.